Success story.

Children’s Aid Society Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program

Dr. Michael Carrera with KIPP kids.

Skoodat's platform enables us to capture a more complete, real-time view of every student. We track data about the whole person, measuring all seven of our key components — academics, employment, family life and sexuality education, self-expression, lifetime individual sports, medical and dental care and mental health services. Having all this data at our fingertips makes a big difference in our ability to help young people develop and thrive.”

Dr. Michael A. Carrera, founder

The client.

In 1984, Dr. Michael A. Carrera and The Children's Aid Society (CAS) developed the Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (CAS-Carrera). The program uses a holistic approach to empower youth; help them develop personal goals and cultivate the desire for a productive future; develop their sexual literacy; and educate them about the consequences of sexual activity. CAS-Carrera begins working with boys and girls at age 10 or 11 and follows them through high school and beyond. Guided by a philosophy that sees youth as "at promise" not "at risk," CAS-Carrera builds a participant's capacity and desire to avoid pregnancy.

CAS-Carrera is currently serving more than 3,200 young people across the country: 2,000 in neighborhoods throughout New York City and partnership sites in Washington DC, Michigan, Ohio and Connecticut; and 1,200 in CAS-Carrera replication sites in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma and West Virginia. The programs are in cities, suburbs, public schools and charter schools but all are located in communities with higher than average rates of poverty, unemployment, teen pregnancy, and high school dropouts.

The need.

CAS-Carrera wanted to automate the tracking of the effectiveness of its youth development programs, measuring all seven of its key components — academics, employment, family life and sexuality education, self-expression, lifetime individual sports, medical and dental care and mental health services. Previously CAS-Carrera had used Access, Excel, and paper-based systems to track information, but it was difficult to share information, and compiling reports was laborious and time-consuming.

Due to the proven success of their program, other cities and schools were requesting the CAS-Carrera program. To efficiently meet demand and expand rapidly, the organization needed a centralized system with a unified database and integrated applications focused on the unique needs of each type of staff member—without the time and expense of hardware installations. In addition, CAS-Carrera needed to keep all data fully accessible by all staff and a variety of partners, with real-time updates on program milestones and student performance.

The solution.

After considering many potential solutions, CAS-Carrera chose Skoodat for its ease of use, flexibility, and ability to capture complex information from a variety of different school-based student information systems, and from government systems including city and state school performance data.

Skoodat Exodus® was installed to provide advanced capabilities to staff at CAS-Carrera headquarters and regional training centers. Skoodat also designed and installed a customized, fully integrated, program-services module to track interventions with students in real time. Skoodat Village® was installed for after-school program staff to track all attendees, relationships, communications and other data. Both Skoodat Exodus and Village delivered integrated, private-social networking to help CAS-Carrera teams share real-time student updates and monitor programs. Solutions have already been deployed to over 200 staff across the U.S., including mobile access on iPads so remote workers can access and update mission-critical information.

Custom dashboards show real-time program metrics, including school performance (graduation rates and state testing performance), student performance, and service impact (such as whether test scores improve after a vision screening recommends glasses). Reports compare performance with local and national averages for detention, substance abuse, suspension, pregnancy, and violence. Workflows drive new programs from start-up to implementation to study based on key indicators and milestones. Donor-investors are billed based on specific program outcomes.

The results.

The Carrera program was found to meet Top Tier evidence of effectiveness standards by The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy.

CAS-Carrera was awarded a $3.5 million Social Innovation Fund (SIF) grant from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF) to deepen the program's impact in New York City and replicate it nationally.

A consolidated database enables programs across the country to be measured and benchmarked against past performance and ensures predictions are more accurate.

Information that formerly took months to compile can now be viewed instantly.

Immediate access to data means issues can be addressed more quickly, including getting tutoring and support services to youth who are failing in school or
need other help.

Quantitative and qualitative impact in schools and partnerships across the country can now be measured—driving improved performance.

Field workers save time and improve accuracy by recording their work from the road.

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