Skoodat is on the move.

18 Mar 2013

Skoodat spins off Skuid as its own company.

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Your input nets better Skuid.

12 Oct 2012

Minor service update previews powerful new features to come in Skuid 2.0.

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Skuid lives.

13 Sep 2012

The wait is over. Skuid 1.0 goes live on the AppExchange today. May the force be with UI.

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Unleash the Skuid.

23 Aug 2012

You asked for it, so we built it. At Dreamforce 2012, we'll be officially releasing Skuid. Begin revolutionizing your user experience by installing our Skuid "sneak peek" release into your org today, and register for our session at Dreamforce!

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Wicked cool UI platform for, or not?

28 Jun 2012

What if your UI problems could go away? What if you could easily build sexy, simple UIs in What if a UI customization platform existed that could keep the principle of customizability intact? Impossible you say? Read on.

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Meet Skoodat

At Skoodat, we deliver cloud apps and agile development components to help you innovate more quickly and flexibly.

We use cloud technologies to dramatically reduce your environmental impact and costs. Skoodat makes data useful, in real time.

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