Skoodat reboots Teacher's Pal with free Web app.

22 Jun 2012

By Ken McElrath

"Do you know where your students are right now?" This question still haunts many parents and educators who wonder if their students are truly prepared for what's next, whether college, a career, or just the next grade level.

When educators across the U.S. banded together to create and adopt the Common Core, a set of objective learning standards, it was a significant step toward solving this dilemma. But very few have easy access to these Common Core standards in a way that makes them easy to search and useful. Until now.

Today Skoodat launched a free app that enables anyone to search and select Common Core standards. Why does this matter and how can it help the average person?

If you are a parent, you can finally know exactly what your children are supposed to learn at any grade level, from kindergarten through high school. As a parent, a report card never helped me understand if my kids would be ready for the SAT or ACT tests. With the Common Core, we have a common set of objectives for all students across the country, and with this new Skoodat Teacher's Pal app, we can easily find and focus on what specifically needs to be learned. We wanted to give teachers and parents a tool that would help them get on the same page and work as a team to help our students go further, faster than the rest of the world.

Currently the Common Core initiative has produced standards for Kindergarten through 12th grade in both mathematics and English language arts. As new standards are adopted, they will be added to the Teacher's Pal app.

Three years ago, very few of us had even heard of cloud computing. But Skoodat was anticipating a coming tidal wave of change. When we completed our acquisition of decade-old curriculum management company, Teacher's Pal, Inc., in 2009, folks wondered what would happen next.

Leveraging over a decade of learning by the Teacher’s Pal team, Skoodat has been working in stealth on new teacher-focused apps. The Teacher's Pal Standards Search app is the first of several planned under the Skoodat Teacher’s Pal brand.

To learn more, click here to use the Teacher's Pal standards search app. It's very easy to use.

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