Certifiably advanced.

7 Dec 2011

By Ken McElrath

I’m stoked.

Two of our developers, have joined the code-monkey elite, achieving the highest developer certification possible on the Force.com platform. Less than 100 individuals around the world have passed the insanely difficult Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Advanced Developer Exam, yet Skoodat’s own Ben Hubbard and Zach McElrath have both passed!

Passing the Advanced Developer Exam is a grueling process. It’s no wonder so few have made the grade.

First of all, only Certified Force.com Developers may apply to take the Advanced exam. Currently, all of Skoodat’s developers are Certified Force.com Developers. This means they have already demonstrated capabilities in data model and user interface design, business logic and security for custom applications, and report, dashboard and portal design on the Force.com platform.

To obtain the Advanced credential, developers must pass three, sequential exams over a period of several months: a timed multiple-choice exam, a timed programming assignment, and an in-depth essay exam. Passing all three exams demonstrates advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities developing custom applications using the programmatic capabilities of the Force.com cloud platform, including developing custom applications, managing the development lifecycle and environments, and writing and executing comprehensive test plans.

What does this mean for Skoodat clients? It means our clients can unleash the maximum potential of cloud computing. It means our clients can rest assured that every app, portal, dashboard and security profile has been designed by people who have demonstrated an ability to use the Force.com platform to the fullest.

See why I’m stoked?

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