IDC confirms huge savings of using PaaS

8 Feb 2010

By Ken McElrath

A startling new fact for your consideration — on average companies using the PaaS were able to recognize benefit of $8.21 for every $1 invested!

This conclusion comes from a recent study completed by IDC of organizations leveraging the PaaS (the same platform-as-a-service used by Skoodat for education). The results were staggeringly good news for educators willing to move to the PaaS by leveraging Skoodat's innovative cloud tool box for education.

According to IDC, using PaaS "reduced costs for development and post-development management, and in higher revenue recognition due to increased agility and faster time to market." IDC confirmed Skoodat's foundational assumption that the rise of Cloud computing could be among the most transformative developments in IT since the late 1980s, and that the platform has emerged as an early leader in defining and delivering PaaS solutions.

Benefits identified in the white paper include:

Faster to market. Custom applications were developed and deployed in 76% less time and required 76 to 85% fewer developer hours

Lower cost. Companies were able to reduce their three year TCO by 54%, saving $560,000 per application

Higher quality. Users of the custom applications built on the platform reduced Annual Downtime by 97% and 60% less time dealing with the service desk

Better performance. The combination of the first three benefits contributed to better business performance and generated an additional $3.9 million in annual revenue for each firm.

To get all the details, download the white paper from our site.

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