Skoodat plans to change the game in education software

26 Jan 2010

By Ken McElrath

Election night in 2008 meant more than the historic presidential election me. We were attending a conference in San Francisco and met our initial angel investor there.

It was a wild 24-hour period. We had our incorporation documents signed, received our first $1 million investment, went to a celebration party with the Foundation folks, watched Obama's acceptance speach, and went out in the streets of San Francsico which were full of shouting, happy people.

That day was the result of a convoluted, twelve-year gestation period. First, a West Coast entrepreneur going after the education software space developed a program in DOS. Then Window’s launched. Then, when a Windows version was developed, he realized he needed a Mac version. And so on.

Finally, however, the company found the solution it wanted when released its platform ( for developers to use and Marc Benioff challenged, “We want you to use this to change education.”

We heard that challenge. After 12 months of due diligence, we realized this was going to be a revolutionary technology platform for education.

Skoodat’s goal is to reduce the total cost of ownership of educational software by 50 percent.

Skoodat now offers a suite of applications for educators, ranging from course scheduling to communications, student enrollment and registration, grading, performance tracking and more.

The idea is to dramatically change the game in education by giving people the data they need in real time in format so useful they can’t ignore it.

Meet Skoodat

At Skoodat, we deliver cloud apps and agile development components to help you innovate more quickly and flexibly.

We use cloud technologies to dramatically reduce your environmental impact and costs. Skoodat makes data useful, in real time.

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