AlwaysOn and KPMG pick Skoodat for OnDC Top 100 list of private companies

5 Nov 2009

By Ken McElrath

Chattanooga, TN — Washington DC-based AlwaysOn has picked Skoodat, an education technology startup company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as one of the top 100 private companies contributing to the renewed and continued prosperity of our country.

According to Matt Bowman of AlwaysOn, “The AlwaysOn editorial team and its partners at KPMG, together with industry experts across the globe scoured the entrepreneurial community to identify the top 100 private companies turning our nation’s most urgent dilemmas into job-generating businesses, forging solutions that no government bureaucracy could dream up (let alone commercialize). From deep-dive genome sequencing techniques that will catalyze an age of burgeoning medical cures, to open online education platforms leveling the socioeconomic barriers to quality instruction, these technology companies are out to prove that the toughest economic conditions in 70 years are no match for the entrepreneurial chutzpah of the American tech sector. The OnDC 100 are pouring on the elbow grease needed to launch the United States and the globe into an age of renewed prosperity.”

“Double-digit high school dropout rates are unacceptable if we want our communities to prosper,” said Ken McElrath, Skoodat CEO. “We all want to know that our kids are making adequate progress. We want our children to succeed. That’s really what Skoodat is about. We use incredible cloud computing power to put meaningful information into the hands of teachers, parents, and policy makers. That information can dramatically change the status quo in our schools.”

In education, recent standardized tests rank our country’s 15-year-olds 35th out of 57 developed countries in mathematics and 29th out of 57 in science. But the Internet and the advent of cloud computing have enabled a new golden age of possibilities for transforming education. Through Skoodat’s new education platform and applications, parents, teachers and other stakeholders can now track student progress in real time, without expensive hardware or software.

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